How Do You Maintain Your Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers help people flash that beautiful they used to have before their teeth got ruined. You might have gotten new veneers recently. Well, it is important that you take care of it properly. In that way, you would be able to continue having a nice set of teeth for a long time. Here are some tips on maintaining porcelain veneers:


• Avoid beverages that cause stains – Porcelain is very much capable of resisting stains. But of course, if you drink too much beverages that have coloring, expect your veneers to have unpleasing stains. Black tea, green tea, red wine, and coffee are the beverages that you have to stay away from. And be careful with the mouthwash you are using because some also leave nasty stains on veneers.

• Use veneers for chewing only – Veneers are not really as strong as real teeth. After all, real teeth are among the strongest bones of your body. Thus, you do not use your veneers to tear large pieces of meat or even those plastic bags of chips. There are scissors for that. Tearing stuff with your veneers might cause your veneers to crack and break.

• Do not bite hard foods – Do not be a nutcracker. Do not bite hard nuts as doing so would definitely damage your porcelain teeth. And when the summer comes and you are tempted to chew cold ice cubes, don’t. Not only will your veneers have the tendency to get damaged but they might get dislodged as well.

• Wear mouth guards if necessary – If you ever are to engage in sports, it is important for you to wear mouth guards. Football, basketball, and rugby are just some tough sports that might cause the breakage of your veneers. If you love riding your bike, it might also be practical to wear some mouth guards every time you do so. Choose a mouth guard that fits comfortably in your mouth.

• Take care of them like real teeth- Just because veneers are fake teeth does not mean they deserve less treatment than your real teeth. Treat them like real teeth. This means that you would have to brush and floss them regularly. You might also want to ask permission from your dentist if you can use those solutions made to help keep veneers looking great.

• Be careful with your dental tools – Make sure you replace your toothbrush every two months. Old toothbrushes do not really do a great job in cleaning teeth – fake or real, once they become worn out. Also, you might want to ask for toothpaste that is made for veneers especially since most regular toothpaste brands can be quite abrasive on the teeth.

• Visit your dentist regularly – It is important to visit your dentist regularly. He can give you numerous other tips on taking care of your veneers. In fact, he might even have some tricks in his sleeve that help maintain the strength and beauty of your veneers.

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