What We Can Do To Help

Whether you’re an avid athlete or a recreational team member, protecting your teeth while you play sports will help you enjoy your athletics so much more. A good sportsguard will keep your mouth free from injury so that you can throw yourself fully into your sport without worrying about what will happen should you trip, collide with another player, or receive an elbow, ball or puck to the mouth.

What Is a Sportsguard?

A sports guard is a protective piece of material that fit overs your top teeth and part of your jawbone. Should there be any collision with your mouth, your sportsguard will absorb that impact. This will help keep your teeth from breaking, and it will prevent you from biting you tongue, lip or cheek. Because a sportsguard covers your teeth, it can also prevent them from chipping or cracking, and will insure that during a collision they are neither knocked further into your mouth (a condition that will require oral surgery) nor knocked out of your mouth completely. Lastly, if you tend to clench your teeth while engaging in athletics, a sportsguard will help keep your teeth properly spaced.

Who Should Get One?

Chances are, you’ve seen plenty of hockey and football players wearing sportsguards. That’s because sportsguards are especially important to athletes who play high impact contact sports. However, a good sportsguard can be useful for any kind of athlete, as collision can happen at any time. A sportsguard is especially important if you have had any kind of dental work done in the past, like braces or dental implants, as you’ll want to be sure you’re doing the most to protect your investment.

How to Get One

While you can pick up a sportsguard at most sporting stores, a custom fit guard will provide much more comprehensive and assured protection for your unique mouth. Getting a custom sportsguard is easy. Your dentist will take a quick mold of your teeth, send it off to the lab, and you should have your guard in under a week.

A sportsguard is great for your teeth, and it will help you enjoy your sports so much more. Contact the sportsguard specialists at DHG to schedule a fitting today!