The problem: Pain associated with damaged and/or missing teeth


How we can help:

A porcelain fixed bridge is a very attractive and effective way to replace missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can be embarrassing and often make you look older. Missing teeth can also interfere with your ability to chew properly and may cause your other teeth to slowly shift out of place. A porcelain fixed bridge literally “bridges” the gap between your existing teeth, restoring your smile to its natural strength and beauty.

Bridges – what are they?

Both porcelain fixed bridges and partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Unlike partial dentures, which are removable, bridges are permanently attached to your natural teeth. A fixed bridge is usually used when you are missing teeth only on one side of your mouth or when you have just a few teeth to replace.


What are the advantages of using bridges over dentures?

Porcelain fixed bridges look and feel better than partial dentures because they are locked securely in place. They’re stronger and more stable than partials – you don’t have to worry about dentures coming loose, unattractive clasps or messy dental creams. Not only do fixed bridges fill the gaps left by missing teeth, they also increase your bite strength and can even reduce or eliminate the pain associated with common dental problems.

Fixed bridges are made out of durable, natural-looking materials that are resistant to stains, chips and decay. Your dentist will customize your bridge to carefully match the shape and colour of your own teeth, giving you a beautiful, new look. Strong, stable and attractive, a well-made fixed bridge will give you something to smile about every time you look in the mirror!

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