The problem: Crooked, unevenly spaced or over-crowded teeth


How We Can Help

Everyone wants a beautiful smile with straight, healthy teeth, but many traditional methods for achieving this are costly, disruptive and time consuming. Invisalign® was designed specifically to address these problems, straightening teeth without bulky braces. In fact, when you’re wearing Invisalign®, your friends and family may be none the wiser! What a great way to get the teeth you always wanted.

What is Invisalign®?

The name says it all: Invisalign® is a technique for “aligning” (straightening) teeth “invisibly.” When you use Invisalign®, your dental professional will fit you with a series of aligners (that is, clear, plastic trays). One by one, you will fit these trays over your teeth so that they can be gently and invisibly straightened. Invisalign® is much like a home whitening kit — and because they’re clear and molded to fit your unique set of teeth, they’re difficult for anyone but an industry expert to spot. Who knew the way to a beautiful smile could be so easy and discreet?

How does the Invisalign® system work?

With the help of cutting edge 3-D imaging technology, your dental professional will design a series of aligners. Worn for an average of two weeks, each aligner will tighten your teeth gently and gradually. Not only will Invisalign® not disrupt your smile, but you will also be able to continue to eat, brush and floss normally, as they can be removed at meals and as you complete your daily oral hygiene routine. No picking food out of your teeth or struggling to floss as you would with braces!

Straighten your teeth quickly and invisibly without disrupting your life.

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