Why should you get your teeth cleaned regularly?


Do you ever wonder why your dentist always recommends coming in for a cleaning every six to nine months, even though you brush and floss regularly at home? When you have a professional cleaning with one of our hygienists, you are taking a very important step in protecting your good health and preserving the beauty of your smile.

Cleanings remove plaque and tartar

As part of the cleaning process, your hygienist will remove hard, sticky substances, called plaque and tartar, from your teeth. Plaque and tartar are full of harmful bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. If your dentist or hygienist sees signs of cavities or gum disease, they will discuss the situation with you and recommend appropriate treatment. They will also do a thorough check for early warning signs of oral cancers and other oral health conditions.

Cleanings give you a brighter smile

Your hygienist will also polish your teeth, including your fillings, crowns and other dental restorations. Polishing protects your teeth by smoothing tooth surfaces, making it harder for plaque and tartar to take hold. A professional cleaning also gets rid of stains and mild discolourations, so that your smile not only feels better – it looks better too!

Cleanings strengthen and protect your teeth

During the cleaning process, your hygienist may recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride treatments are very important because they can actually reverse minor tooth decay. Fluoride works by washing over your teeth and accumulating in demineralized areas (places where cavities are beginning to form), gradually filling in tiny holes caused by harmful bacteria. This process is called remineralization and improves the strength of your teeth.

Cleanings help you develop good dental habits

We know that your dental health depends on regular brushing and flossing. So our dental hygienists are specially trained to help you to develop good dental habits at home. Your hygienist will review your brushing and flossing techniques and show you how to get the best results from your daily dental routines. As part of your dental cleaning, your hygienist or dentist will review the health of your teeth, gums and mouth and suggest protective measures, such as sealants or nightguards, if necessary.

Have your teeth cleaned regularly!

As you can see, a dental cleaning sounds like a simple process but it actually has many important benefits for your health. Even better, regular dental cleanings give you a fresh, bright gleaming smile that you can be proud of every day! We recommend that all our patients come in for professional cleanings every six to nine months.

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