Cosmetic Dentistry


What we can do to help:

Whether you’re looking to improve the structure of your teeth or simply to feel more confident about your smile, cosmetic dentistry offers a number of effective solutions.  From veneers to implants, laser teeth whitening to bonding, the experienced dental staff at DHG will have you flashing your smile with confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry – what is it?

Cosmetic dentistry includes a wealth of procedures that can help improve the health of your teeth and gums. It can also improve function as well, strengthening the structure of your teeth, helping you to speak, and reducing chewing pain. For chipped and cracked teeth, our dentists can apply veneers, dental bonding or dental crowns to cover, patch and fill any imperfections. For misaligned and discolored teeth, DHG dentists offer the latest technologies including Invisalign braces and Zoom laser teeth whitening. And when you’ve got a gap in your teeth, dental implant, bridges, and full and partial dental dentures will give your mouth back its functionality.

How does cosmetic dentistry work?

All cosmetic dental procedures are individually customized to suit your needs. Each procedure employs its own proprietary technology to close gaps via gently exerted pressure, implant prosthetic teeth directly into your gums and cover any cracks or chips. With cosmetic dentistry, you’ll present the world with a bright, natural smile that really shows off the real you.

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