Children’s Dentistry


Good Dental Care for Children

Children’s growing teeth are especially susceptible to cavities. This is in part due to your child only having received the very first of their fluoride treatments, and it can be an even bigger problem if your child’s diet is high in sugar and starch. Because of these risks, it’s important that you make oral hygiene an essential part of your child’s daily routine. Try not to miss even a single brushing, as oral disease can told hold much more quickly than you’d think.

How Do I Know My Child Has an Oral Infection?

If your child has bleeding or receding gums or bad breath that persists after brushing, these are all telltale symptoms of an infection. Head to your dental professional immediately for help.

Set a Good Example by Providing a Regular Routine

Being a good dental hygiene role model will encourage your child to follow suit, putting them on a path to lifelong good habits that will save them from years of expense and pain. Build oral hygiene into your daily routine, brushing at the same time in the morning and at night when your child wakes up and before he or she goes to bed. Just a little time spent can have big payoffs further down the road.


Safeguard Oral Health With a Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition is as good for the teeth as it is for the mind, body and soul. Avoiding sugary drinks and snacks will not only prevent childhood obesity and diabetes, but will also go a long way towards preventing tooth decay. Remember, food stays on the surface of the teeth for as long as 20 minutes, so it’s important to floss and brush even healthy food away from the teeth and gums after every meal.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

The more often you visit your dental professional, the more comfortable your child will be in the office and the more deeply your child will understand the importance of good oral health. Visiting the dentist at regular intervals will also help put your child in the mindset of preventative care — that is, stopping problems from developing, rather than waiting until it’s time for an intervention. Your dentist is as important as your pediatrician. Investing in your child’s dental care will set them up for an oral life that’s free of embarrassment and pain.

Parents interested in bringing their children to our Calling All OneYear Olds program should contact Dental Health Group to register for our next scheduled tour. A lifetime of good health begins with the very first visit!