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Did you know……..

…In 23-79 AD, the practice of oral hygiene included drinking goat’s milk for sweet breath.  And you think some modern mouthwashes are strong! …There is evidence of the habitual use of some kind of cleaning agents on the teeth of prehistoric skulls. …The Chinese had by at least 1500 AD developed a toothbrush that looks […]

How should I clean my child’s teeth?

You should begin cleaning your baby’s teeth as soon as the first teeth erupt. Using gauze or a damp washcloth you should gently wipe the surface of the teeth and gums. You can help your child to learn proper brushing techniques by doing it with them every bedtime until they can properly handle the brushing and flossing […]

Good News For Bad Breath!

Plaque and food debris trapped between your teeth are the number one source of bad breath. The solution is simple – keep your teeth clean. Bad breath is a warning sign for gum disease, which attacks the tissue around the jawbone, resulting in wobbly teeth. Dental treatment for these conditions and excellent brushing and flossing […]