Are You Hiding Your Teeth Behind A Beautiful Smile?

Very often, the first thing that others notice is a smile. Ironically the majority of us also confess that we keep our mouths closed when we smile. We are embarrassed by our teeth. Here is the truth in four small bites about placing the tooth back in the smile.

Whiten Up

For most just having teeth is not good enough. They must also be pearly. Composites come in white shades and are used in place of those metallic colored fillings of yesteryear. But today all of us want to get beyond having white fillings. Nothing less than removing all stains and discolorations are required. Teeth whitening normally involves a bleaching agent and can be performed in the clinic of your dentist or in the comfort of your home by a trusted friend. Even more sought after are veneers. These thin porcelain laminates are custom made and bonded to the teeth providing a solid result for teeth that just refuse to be bleached.

Fill in the blanks

Few people get over the fear of losing a tooth and sporting a gap. Whereas custom dentures is preferred by most because it is cheap and simple many have upgraded to dental bridges where, right at the gaping hole, a denture is placed and then a crown is connected. But now these are all making way for the Rolls Royce of procedures: dental implants. Here, the new shiners are directly planted in the bone and they will never fall out resulting in a more natural look.

Teeth posture

No longer do we need to fall apart because our teeth are crooked or overlapping. We simply tell them to “shape up”. As is customary in the twenty first century we have multiple choices to achieve this. In one parts of the enamel are removed to reshape the tooth. In another called dental bonding the tooth is shaped through the application of material resembling clay which is then hardened by applying special light. The best way to end up with teeth that are perfectly straight is accelerated orthodontics. In this instance the surface layer of the tooth is surgically removed and this leads to a bone healing condition that reduces the 18-36 months required in typical orthodontic treatment to about 6-9 months making the “Six Month Smile” a best seller in dental clinics.

Dental landscaping

Cosmetic gum surgery turns your problematic teeth into a very small problem. Before the sculpting of your gum line takes place more of the tooth crown is exposed by removing some excess gum tissue. This is guaranteed to change your asymmetrical smile into a perfectly aligned stunner. As with most of these procedures a professional analysis and assessment should be undertaken prior to surgery. Locating an experienced cosmetic dentist is the key to smiling yourself into happiness. Feel free to ask how long the practitioner has been involved in this practice and to view a portfolio of testimonials. If done correctly, your teeth need never again hide behind your smile!