Nervous about dentists? Sedation dentistry can help

If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. A recent study found that 5% to 8% of Canadians avoid dentists entirely out of fear, and even more people as high as 20% will only go to the dentist when they are in pain.

The trouble is, avoiding regular check-ups and cleanings or waiting until you’re truly suffering before making an appointment with a dentist often means any underlying dental issues will get worse and become more difficult to treat. That’s where sedation dentistry can help. By making appointments more comfortable, sedation can help you stick to a regular schedule of dental visits and maintain optimal oral health. Regular visits to your dentist is key to maintaining your dental health.

Sedation involves the administration of medication to relax patients during dental procedures. Burlington’s Dental Health Group has been offering sedation dentistry for over 25 years, finding it very beneficial for people who have a fear of needles, sensitive teeth or intense gag reflexes, as well as those who have a dental phobia. And it’s not just adults who can benefit. Sedation dentistry can be offered to children as well, to help keep them comfortable during their treatment.

Normally, the type of sedation you receive will depend on your level of discomfort or fear. In some cases, an oral sedative is used to ease you into a semi-conscious state, minimizing discomfort and leaving you little or no memory of the procedure. Nitrous Oxide (better known as “laughing gas”) may be recommended if you are experiencing mild anxiety and is recognized by the Canadian and American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry as being safe for children. If you are extremely anxious or fearful, your dental team may recommend general anaesthesia and will work with a dental anaesthesia specialist to accommodate you.

A Bright White Smile Can Always Positively Influence Your Life!


Be honest, are you thankful with the color of your teeth? In most cases, people say no to this question because they might have yellow or slightly blackened teeth. It is actually quite hard to have and maintain your teeth white these days, especially if you are a very busy person. Luckily, teeth whitening treatments are increasingly effective, affordable, and can give you a bright white smile! You should give it a try someday and experience some amazing changes in your life, as the ones described below.

1. Get an image boost. White teeth simply look stunning and if you also have a wide, brilliant smile then you will be able to melt hearts and turn heads instantly! If you are thinking about making an image change in the future then start by whitening your teeth because you will never go wrong with this option.

2. Regain your confidence. Every good or bad change you do in your life will automatically influence your self-esteem too. By whitening your teeth, you will feel much more confident in your own forces and you will love what you see in the mirror every day! In addition, this type of confidence will follow you wherever you go and it will improve many aspects of your life.

3. Teeth whitening is excellent if you have an important job interview. You probably have prepared and waited for this interview for a long time and now you finally have the opportunity to prove what you are capable of. If you also whiten your teeth then your image will be stunning and you will pleasantly impress your employer even before you say “Hello!”. Your conversational partner will understand that you care for little details and he will trust you more.

4. Teeth whitening can also improve your social relationships. It is all about confidence and how do you feel when speaking with someone new. If you are thankful with yourself then you will radiate positive energy and everyone will want to be around you. By whitening your teeth, you will eventually be able to make more friends quicker and even improve your interpersonal skills as well, simply because you are more confident and secure.

5. Highly recommended if you smoke or drink a lot of coffee. As you know, smoking can considerably blacken your teeth in the long run and the coffee, black tea and sodas have a similar effect. If your teeth are not the whitest ones in the world thanks to these habits then still, you shouldn’t panic. A professional teeth whitening service can “erase” stains and other teeth imperfections, no matter for how long you have been a smoker or a passionate coffee drinker.

Also, you might be happy to know that unlike teeth whitening kits you find on the market, a professional teeth whitening service is also very effective and long-lasting as well. If you have more questions related to this amazing cosmetic dentistry service then give us a call today and we will gladly speak with you. Our professionals also offer affordable teeth whitening services, giving you the possibility to possess the smile you have always dreamt of!

You Too Can Have Perfect Teeth Even When You Get Older!


Regardless of your age, you need to have excellent teeth for an attractive smile. Our aging parents and their very old parents however accepted the now unaccepted idea that they would have no teeth when they grew old. They generally accepted the now very embarrassing moment when kids, for example their grandchildren asked why teeth were floating around in a mug by their bed. They also accepted that they would sometimes chase the dog around the house when it snatched the dentures and ran off with them. This is all quite embarrassing, we all agree!

Fortunately, the above scenario has changed for the better as people no longer have to accept having bad, falling dentures or no teeth as they grow older. Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for people regardless of their age to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime and keep them attractive as well.

Why should you give cosmetic dentistry a consideration as you get older?

  1. Diversity in cosmetic dentistry improvement products and procedures:

    There are a number of different techniques that can be used to make permanent or semi-permanent improvements to ones natural teeth. This means you don’t have to live with missing, crooked or stained teeth or even receding gum lines these days as there are a number of ways to mend or reverse the situation. Teeth improving products and processes include advanced whitening, implants, acrylic veneers, porcelain crowns, bonding procedures and the likes.

  2. Improved and healthy teeth and gum:

    To start with, good looking teeth normally indicate that your gum and teeth are healthy, sometimes your overall health. Recent studies have shown that unhealthy teeth can lead to a number of systematic diseases, Alzheimer and heart disease included. Having rotten teeth is not only embarrassing, but it lowers people’s self-esteem in later years.

  3. Long lasting results:

    Yes, you can forestall a number of aging signs for example by having a face lift, hair coloring, Botox injections and the likes, however, all these do not last for ever. However, properly done cosmetic dentistry gives permanent results. Simply put, well done teeth will last you the rest of your life while here on earth.

  4. A perfect smile:

    This is among the main advantages for having your teeth done properly by a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentistry practitioner. Who isn’t attracted by a beautiful smile? To have this smile for the rest of your life, you will need to let an experienced dentist to immediately take care of signs of teeth trouble.

In conclusion, if I were to choose a part of my body to constantly have fixed, I would go for my teeth. Yes, though sometimes a huge financial investment, I will still choose to have my teeth fixed as need be. The good looking teeth and great smile justifies the costs. To say the truth, the resultant confidence and self-esteem that result from having perfect teeth is the ultimate benefit. This is quite something quite priceless and that should be enjoyed by all regardless of the age bracket.