Sip Sensibly

Frequent sipping of beverages that are sweet or acidic, such as regular and diet soft drinks, juice, sports drinks – even tea and coffee – can be harmful to your teeth. Acidic drinks can attack your tooth enamel which makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities and chipping. Try to brush your teeth or drink a big glass of water after consuming these sweet or acidic drinks to reduce the risk of dental problems.

Smile and Say Cheese!

Cheddar cheese is one of Mother Nature’s most effective cavity fighters. After you indulge in a sweet snack, have a bite or two of cheese, right away. Sweet foods raise the acid levels in your mouth, dissolving tooth enamel and causing cavities. The cheese will stimulate your mouth to produce saliva, which neutralizes the acids in the sugar and protects your teeth from the cavity-producing attack. The calcium in the cheese may also give you the added bonus of strengthening your tooth enamel. Cheese has always been a nutritious, tasty snack – now it’s good for your smile, too.

How to Choose a Dentist

Here are a few points to consider when choosing a new dentist:

– Is the dentist accessible? Is the office far away? Were you able to make an appointment at a convenient time?
– Does the office have a pleasant, orderly atmosphere? Are the staff courteous and concerned?
– Are you given a thorough, careful examination? Do the dentist and staff explain techniques and procedures?
– Is prevention important? Does the dentist/hygienist discuss oral health and home care? Are records kept up to date of your medical and dental history?
– What arrangements are available for emergency service?
– Is there a designated staff person to discuss fees and payment plans?

For Dry Mouth

Saliva helps with chewing, swallowing and digesting. Dry mouth can be caused by: medications, radiation therapy, vitamin deficiencies, stress, mouth breathing and ageing. With dry mouth the risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases. You can increase saliva flow by:
– Sipping cold water and beverages low in sugar.
– Sucking ice cubes and sugarless candies.
– Eating solid foods. Chewing increases saliva flow.
– Chewing sugarless gum.
– Carrying fluids with you when you leave home.
– Using a saliva substitute available at drug stores.