Did you know……..

…In 23-79 AD, the practice of oral hygiene included drinking goat’s milk for sweet breath.  And you think some modern mouthwashes are strong!

…There is evidence of the habitual use of some kind of cleaning agents on the teeth of prehistoric skulls.

…The Chinese had by at least 1500 AD developed a toothbrush that looks remarkably like its modern counterpart.

…In the 19th century, the strawberry was considered to be a “natural” solution for preventing tartar and giving fresh breath.

Nursing bottle decay – what is it?

Nursing bottle decay is a pattern of cavities that appear in infants or very young children, often despite a parents best efforts to take care of the teeth.  The most common cause is the night-time or naptime bottle containing milk or juice.  The liquid itself or the sugary saliva rests in the mouth while the child is sleeping and works away at the enamel of the teeth.  If your child needs a bottle at bedtime it should contain only water.

Good News For Bad Breath!

Plaque and food debris trapped between your teeth are the number one source of bad breath. The solution is simple – keep your teeth clean.

Bad breath is a warning sign for gum disease, which attacks the tissue around the jawbone, resulting in wobbly teeth. Dental treatment for these conditions and excellent brushing and flossing techniques can get rid of bad breath and save your teeth!