Children are Dr. Cheryl Rintoul’s favorite patients. Throughout her 26-year career as a general dentist, she has limited her practice to children and centers her skills on their very special needs. “I want to give each child a pleasant and positive experience,” she explains. “I get my greatest satisfaction from convincing children that dentistry is not frightening. When my patients get up from the dental chair with smiles on their faces, I know that I’m doing my best for them.”

An experienced professional and a graduate from the University of Toronto, Dr. Rintoul gained valuable insight into the challenges of children’s dentistry during a three-year stay in Saudi Arabia. “I treated every type of dental problem and every type of child… It was an unforgettable and enriching experience.”

Well established at Dental Health Group, Dr. Rintoul enjoys the family atmosphere, friendly staff, and the expertise of her dental colleagues. “We all work together to offer the best treatment to the entire family,” she explains. Outside the office, Dr. Rintoul loves to travel and spends her leisure time skiing, gardening and playing bridge.